07 January 2010

My New Toy

It is the right time for me to introduce to all my friends, my new toy. Since in this 'blok 3' study, my brain caught me to be a boring guy, comparing to my past, where there is/are more joy.

Here are my new toy to play, my hobby to stick, and my pleasure to share :

1. Reading a UTF-8 scipting. As I read this 'thing', it makes me concentrate a lot (I really-really mean it), I'm totally sured it can helped me with my study in 'Blok 3'. Hopefully.

2. Posting blogs with English letters. I know la. My english isnt that great. Just good enough. Easy words. But it makes me really-really-really happy, because most of my collegue friends at Ukrida doesnt know a single word of English. Are'nt they shameless? Haha. I just noticed that my english is an image of my Malay accent, which that all already know, I translated 'them' round-round (bulat-bulat).

Still, reading 'Blok 3' module isnt my hobby yet. But, yeah, who knows, later, I'll be in love with that 'Buku 3' module. Who knows, huh?

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"I Love My New Layout"

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