06 January 2010

Franz Ferdinand : Take Me Out

It was long long time ago, I wrote about a band, in my Tumblr, but today, I have this mood, this feeling, to write about Franz Ferdinand.

At first, I thought that Franz Ferdinand is a solo artists from UK, but hell no,actually this is a band. Introduced by my british-britpop-music-maniac friend, Oma Sami- that cant be stopped mumbling bout it, weeks ago (1 month 29 days actually).

The only song I've crushed into was Take Me Out, which most Indonesians know this song by its highly rated reality show, called Take Me Out and Take Him Out.

I love their work, their song, and their name. Haa, Franz Ferdinand shows a sleek and handsome personality of a band, although their singer not-so handsome if compared to Kasabian's singer, Tom with his short hair after West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Assylum.

No, I just want to say, this song is good. And Tom (kasabian) is good too. Hee~~ Thats all.

I say don't you know 

You say you don't go 
I say... take me out! 

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